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Applied behavior analysis


Functional behavior assessment (FBA)

One of the first assessment steps upon initial observation. A FBA helps identify the "function" of the behavior. By understanding why the behavior is occurring, an individualized plan can be created to support a reduction in target behaviors.

Behavior intervention plan (BIP)

An individualized plan created based on information gathered from the FBA. Not only the the BIP develop interventions to decrease target behaviors, but also interventions are developed to increase replacement behaviors.

Parent & Staff training

A variety of trainings are offered for parents, staff, and caregivers to support the quality of services and knowledge in the area of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

collaboration with other professionals 

Collaboration is key. Great success is measured through positive collaboration with all members of the team involved with the client. We always boast collaboration with other professionals and staff with the client needs at the forefront. 

Curriculum assessments



Behavior reduction program & treatment

Interventions are designed to focus on teaching alternative positive replacement behaviors whenever possible. Research supports positive behavior supports when changing problems behaviors. Each treatment plan is individualized based on the client's needs.

Registered behavior technician (RBT) supervision